Our Mission to Demystify Breastfeeding

Woman in a gray tie back nursing top and black pants kneeling and staring to the side as if thinking.

More studies exist on coffee, wine, or tomatoes than on mother's milk and breastfeeding. This leaves new moms guessing, frustrated, and reliant on conflicting advice that is often without basis in actual data. What actually impacts milk production, and what is a fake old wives' tale? What information can help moms on the breastfeeding journey versus unnecessary advice that causes additional stress for moms without data backing it?  

Our founder, Marie, has been through this journey of unanswered questions and conflicting advice twice! She also has over 15 years of experience as a data and research specialist and started Milk & Fire to help use these skills to make a difference.

We started Milk & Fire to fund more data-driven research on breastfeeding and mother's milk to demystify moms' journeys! A portion of every sale goes towards research to empower nursing moms. We're creating intelligent products for smart data for all.

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